Above Ground Poly Tanks

Above Ground Poly Tanks

Free-standing plastic water tanks provide the least expensive means of rainwater storage, both in purchase cost and installation cost. They are relatively easy to handle, require little or no excavation, and work with almost any topography.

We carry a full line of above ground plastic water tanks for rainwater harvesting.

Tanks come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. The features and benefits of AGW tanks allow you to effectively and economically collect, conserve, store and recycle a great volume of valuable rainwater for a long period of time.

Above ground water tanks are constructed of rotational-molded high quality polyethylene to assure maximum strength and the walls are molded in one piece and horizontal ribs are formed around the tanks to provide extra wall strength. Our above ground tanks are offered in capacities ranging from approximately 205 U.S. gallons to over 5000 U.S. gallons. A selection of colors is offered and the tanks are UV stabilized to prevent color fading. Rainwater harvesting tanks are available in slimline, round and low profile configurations.

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