Header – Scupper – Leader Boxes

Header – Scupper – Leader Boxes

Header Boxes capture storm water runoff from the rain gutters of a building and also add architectural appeal to any residential or commercial structure.

When it rains water flows off your roof and out through scuppers, openings in the walls of flat roofed homes that act as drainage devices. Rain water can fall from scuppers with a very large volume, tremendous pressure and sometimes falls a very long way. When rain water is falling from scupper boxes the damage below to landscaping and pavers can be quite costly.

Attaching our collector boxes to your scuppers allows your water to be captured and redirected away from your home. Aside from providing overflow protection at the roofline, leader heads permit directing more than one downspout into a single location. We can take your drainage around corners or down the wall and out of the area. Scupper Boxes also let air into the line which allows water to flow through downspouts more quickly and quietly due to a vacuum break.

Header boxes keep your house looking great and free from damage.

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